Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Intensive Interaction beats iPad!

Today, a first - M. chose II over the iPad!

It happened like this.  She was playing iPad and also making a noise.  I copied the noise and she looked round the side of the iPad and smiled.  Next thing I knew she had thrown the iPad away, grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bed where we tend to bounce around and do II.  So pleased - this is the first time she's ever voluntarily chosen II over her beloved iPad.  Normally I have to hide the thing in order to make II possible - but if II has become so fun that it naturally wins out, even better!

The II session was good.  There was a bit of bouncing around on the bed, drumming on the wall, vocal imitation and sung commentary (she liked sitting in her chair and me singing a song about it).  Then she came and approached me and did that really intense thing where she looked directly into my eyes and pointed to my eyes, nose and mouth in turn for labelling.  There was a new development, however -she then touched my leg and said 'legs'.  We hadn't used that word at all in the session, it came entirely from her.  :)

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